G-Shock Gorillaz Bluetooth Watch

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About to be dropped in the New Zealand market in time for Christmas is the brand new Bluetooth Casio watch collaboration with the Gorillaz. In fact, Casio is introducing a pair of new time pieces in limited edition form adorned with the band’s iconography. While one is your usual G-Shock, the other sports some smarts with Bluetooth and app integration

This marks the second time the Gorillaz and Casio have teamed up for limited edition timepieces. Although it is the first time we will see a Bluetooth Casio watch appear in the crossover collection.

First up is the new Bluetooth Casio Gorillaz watch. Based on the classic DW-5600 G-Shock design, on top of a slew of Gorillaz-related visual choices, it will also sport Bluetooth. That, in turn, will allow the watch to connect with the Casio app. Based on features from other models that connect with this app, chances are we will see things like the ability to activate and create timers, set international times and even monitor solar charging statistics.


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