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LK224 Evolve Dragonfly Charm (New Beginnings)

Evolve Jewellery's Dragonfly charm was inspired by the native Giant Bush Dragonfly, found in summer ..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09

LK225 Evolve Bumble Bee Charm (Diligent)

The cherished bumble bee is a symbol of dedication and productivity. Evolve's busy little bumble bee..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09

LK226 Evolve Honeycomb Charm (Healing)

The New Zealand manuka honeycomb is a perfectly pure and natural product. The nectar is produced fro..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09

LK227 Evolve Mighty Oak Charm (Resilience & Potential)

The Mighty Oak honours resilience and potential as it stands strong and rises tall against the tough..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09

LK228 Evolve Treasured Koru Charm (Valued))

The beautiful, unfurling silver fern fronds depicted, symbolise new life, growth, strength and peace..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09

LK229 Evolve Ruru Charm (Morepork)

A watchful guardian representing wisdom and knowledge, Ruru is the Maori name for the New Zealand na..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09

LK230 Evolve Axe Charm (Courage)

Evolve's powerful axe charm represents the true spirit of the Kiwi woman. The crisscrossing of the a..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09

LK231 Evolve Wild Vines Charm (Spirited)

New Zealand’s native forests are decorated with beautiful wild vines. They twist and turn up through..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09

LK232 Evolve NZ Huia Charm (Admired)

The Huia bird was regarded as tapu (sacred) to Maori. Like prized jewels fit for a queen, the striki..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09

LK233 Evolve Ladybird Charm (Luck)

The much loved little ladybird has forever been a symbol of luck. She is delightfully playful, make ..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $46.09