Since its creation just two years ago, the Presage Sharp Edged Series has quickly established a place in the world of fine watches for its combination of traditional mechanical watchmaking with a distinctively modern Japanese style. It offers the refinement of traditional Japanese aesthetics with strong, angular case designs. For 2022, the collection expands with four new watches, each of which brings a new aspect of Seiko's mechanical watchmaking to the fore and offers a new perspective on the culture of Japan. Two feature a new open-heart calibre and two offer a multi-hand dial with power reserve, and day and date displays.

The four new watches in the 2022 Sharp Edged Series all share a new case design. While it retains all the strength and angularity that gives the series its distinctive look, there is a new facet with a mirror finish between the top and side surfaces that adds a new sparkle to the watch. The elegance of the new design is further enhanced by the inward tapering of the case.

Like all the existing watches in this series, the dials of these new additions feature the Asanoha, or hemp leaf, a pattern that has been used in Japanese fabrics ever since the Heian period over a thousand years ago. This pattern owes its long-lasting popularity to the fact that the Asanoha plant has always been seen in Japan as a symbol of health and vitality thanks to its robust and fast-growing nature.

The new Seiko models SPB309J1, SPB311J1, SPB307J1 and SPB305J1 are expected to be available from Christies Jewellery in July 2022