The  Seiko Hybrid Diver, also known as the Arnie because Arnold Schwarzenegger wore on in the film Commando, is a watch that, by its very nature, straddles two worlds. On the one hand, it has an analogue display for that traditional dive watch aesthetic and appeal, while on the other it has a digital display for anyone who actually wants a practical diving watch. It was a world-first when it first launched in 1982, and now Seiko is celebrating its 40th Anniversary with new re-interpretations and a limited edition.

The Arnie is known for its massive, macho case sizing of 46.92mm, in stainless steel. The three 40th anniversary editions are the SNJ035P1 PADI in black and blue, SNJ033P1 in full grey steel. These watches are due for release in July 2022 and will be available in-store at Christies Auckland stores or online. 

Robust enough to dive 200m under the sea but stylish enough to be worn on the street

The Seiko Hybrid Diver’s 40th Anniversary edition features a new movement, the calibre H855 solar quartz. It delivers a larger digital display at 6 o’clock with a diving log, depth measurement and temperature measurement functions. 

This design is a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the world's first hybrid diver's watch with an alarm chronograph. The original watch proved its reliability in extreme environments, including the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1984 and the Joint Mount Everest Challenge made by the Japanese, Chinese and Nepalese teams in 1988.  The retro 'tuna' shape from the 1975 divers' model has been channelled into a more compact yet reinforced watch, robust enough to dive 200m under the sea but stylish enough to be worn on the street.