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3E31028 Evolve Ocean Spirit Drop Earrings

The beautifully distinctive swirl in the shape of a koru symbolises our wild and spirited South Paci..

$89.00 Ex Tax: $77.39

3E31029 Evolve Native Fern Drop Earrings

The celebrated outline of our native New Zealand fern embodies a sense of pride and respect for New ..

$89.00 Ex Tax: $77.39

3E31030 Evolve Coastal Fern Drop Earrings

New Zealand’s highly treasured symbol, the silver fern, is emblazoned on these brushed silver drops...

$89.00 Ex Tax: $77.39

2P61002 Evolve NZ Pinecone Pendant

The iconic, valued little pinecone is a symbol of independence, intuition and recreation. As each pe..

$155.00 Ex Tax: $134.78

2P61003 Evolve NZ Daisy & Ladybird Pendant

Evolve's silver daisy pendant symbolises those who are beautiful, kind and gentle. Cherished by many..

$155.00 Ex Tax: $134.78

2N61000 Evolve NZ Honeycomb Necklace

The New Zealand manuka honeycomb is known for its unique and special healing properties. This stunni..

$189.00 Ex Tax: $164.35

2P61006 Evolve NZ Acorn Pendant

From a tiny little acorn grows a magnificent and strong tree. This special little pendant nurtures y..

$165.00 Ex Tax: $143.48

2P61000 Evolve NZ Dragonfly Pendant

The native NZ Dragonfly is a fast moving creature of the wind, and symbolises change and new beginni..

$125.00 Ex Tax: $108.70

2P61001 Evolve NZ Bumble Bee Pendant

The cherished bumble bee is a symbol of dedication and productivity. This pendant was especially cre..

$135.00 Ex Tax: $117.39

2P61008 Evolve NZ Wild Vine Pendant

These stunning Wild Vine Drop earrings were especially created in sterling silver for those people w..

$105.00 Ex Tax: $91.30