Seiko released a heap of cool watches at the start of 2021, and they've since continued their momentum. Indeed, this year has witnessed hit after hit for the Japanese giant, who's released a never-ending stream of exciting and varied watches. One series of releases to bring fresh creativity into the watch-collector world is their Japanese pop culture tie-ins that are riding the growing popularity of anime in the United States. The anime ONE PIECE, which was first televised in 1999, is the perfect match for a Seiko collaboration, given that they're both incredibly prolific in their respective fields, with over 997 episodes of the anime series has aired.

Now available at Christies Papatoetoe or Christies Online. The comic's characters Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Law and Sabo inspire the limited editions that capture the comic's central concept: "Inherited strength of will."